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morning desert safari dubai
Desert Safari Deals

    Explanation of a morning desert safari:

    A morning desert safari is an early morning adventure that allows you to experience the beauty of the desert while avoiding the heat of the day. Dubai Trip Helper is a tour agency based in Dubai that specializes in desert safaris, which will make it the perfect choice for your desert experience. Dubai is a city known for its towering skyscrapers, while bustling city life, and stunning deserts. The deserts surrounding Dubai are famous for their beautiful sand dunes, making it a popular destination for desert safaris.

    a group of jeeps driving through the sand dunes in desert safari from dubai | morning desert safari

    Preparation for a Morning Desert Safari:

    List of items to bring in Morning Desert Safari:

    To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Further it’s important to bring along essential items such as sunscreen, a hat or scarf, comfortable clothes and shoes, a camera, and plenty of water.

    Explanation of why these items are important:

    Sunscreen and a hat or scarf will protect you from the sun, comfortable clothes and shoes will ensure you can move around freely, a camera will help you capture memories, and plenty of water will help keep you hydrated during the desert safari. These items are essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable morning desert safari Dubai with Dubai Trip Helper.

    Best Time for a Desert Safari:

    Early Morning Desert Safari or Late Evening Desert Safari:

    The best time for a desert safari is early morning or late evening because the temperatures are much cooler, making it more comfortable to explore the desert. The cool, crisp air also adds to the overall experience, making it a memorable adventure.

    Mention of the length of a typical morning desert safari with Dubai Trip Helper (4 hours): A typical safari with Dubai Trip Helper lasts 4 hours, providing you with ample time to experience the beauty of the desert, participate in various activities, and indulge in the local culture and cuisine.

    Dune bashing in morning desert safari

    Unique Features of a Desert Safari in Dubai:

    Overview of Morning Desert Safari activities:

    Dubai Trip Helper offers a variety of activities, including dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, and a visit to a traditional Bedouin camp. These activities provide a unique insight into the local culture and the stunning beauty of the desert.

    Explanation of the local culture and cuisine:

    As part of the morning desert safari experience, Dubai Trip Helper offers a barbecue breakfast, showcasing the local cuisine and allowing you to indulge in the flavors of the desert. The traditional Bedouin camp also provides a glimpse into the local culture, giving you a truly immersive experience.

    Essential Survival Tips for a Desert:

    The desert can be a harsh environment, but with the right preparation, it can be a thrilling and memorable experience. To survive in a desert, it’s important to bring the following items:

    • Water: Staying hydrated is crucial in a desert, where temperatures can soar and water is scarce. Make sure to bring plenty of water with you.
    • Sunscreen: The intense sun in the desert can cause severe sunburn. Wear a high SPF sunscreen and reapply it throughout the day.
    • Hat/Scarf: Protecting your head and neck from the sun is essential. A wide-brimmed hat or a scarf can help keep the sun off your face and neck.
    • Comfortable Clothing and Shoes: Wear light-colored, breathable clothing made from materials like cotton. Make sure to wear shoes that are comfortable for walking in sand.
    • Navigation: Knowing your way around the desert is important, so bring a GPS device or a map.

    Choosing the Right Clothing for a Morning Desert Safari:

    When choosing clothing for a desert safari, it’s important to think about breathability and sun protection. Light-colored clothing is best, as it reflects the sun’s rays, keeping you cooler. The best material for desert conditions is cotton, as it is lightweight and breathable, allowing sweat to evaporate.

    Concluding Thoughts about Morning Desert Safari:

    A morning desert safari in Dubai is a unique and exciting experience that offers a glimpse into the local culture and the natural beauty of the desert. With Dubai Trip Helper, you can explore the dunes on a thrilling dune bashing ride, ride camels, try sand boarding, and enjoy a delicious barbecue breakfast in a Bedouin camp.

    What is Included in the Morning Desert Safari in Dubai packages by “Dubai Trip Helper”?

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