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Evening desert safari Dubai Deals

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    Evening desert safari Dubai Deals

    Book This Tor      AED100/Person

      Evening Desert Safari Dubai

      Take advantage of Dubai Trip Helper’s evening desert safari and witness the beauty of Dubai’s desert as the sun goes down. Take off on an exciting journey in a 4×4 vehicle for only 100 AED per person. Immerse yourself in the desert’s natural splendor with activities like dune bashing, camel rides, sandboarding, and a breathtaking sunset vista. Plan an evening safari through the heart of Dubai’s magnificent sands and make memories that will last a lifetime.

      Inclusions of Evening Desert Safari:

      Facts About Our Service:

      You Should Know:

      • Timing is Critical: Evening safaris usually begin late in the afternoon, to see the spectacular desert sunset. It is important to arrive on time so that you can fully be able to enjoy the safari.

      • Dress comfortably: Wear lightweight, loose clothing that breathes and comfortable shoes because the desert can be hot in the day, and cool in the evening.

      • Sun protection: Take sunglasses with you, sunblock, and a hat to shield yourself from the scorching desert sun.

      • Hydrated: Deserts can prove drying. Take a water bottle with a refillable capacity to keep hydrated throughout your trip.

      • Camera Ready: Don’t forget your camera or smartphone. Landscapes in the desert, dunes bashing and the sunset are all Instagram-worthy photos.

      • Advanced Levels: Take note of what degree of adventure that you are comfortable with. Dune bashing can be exciting So, inform your guide of your preferences.

      • Respect for Culture: Dubai is a Muslim country, therefore dress modestly and adhere to the local customs and practices. Avoid displays of affection in public as well as excessive drinking.

      • Food preferences: If you have food restrictions or allergies, notify your tour operator prior to departure so that they are able to accommodate your requirements.

      • Security: First Be sure to follow the guidelines of your guide to safari for your safety while doing activities such as dunes bashing and camel riding.

      • Pre-booking: Evening desert safaris are extremely popular, therefore it is recommended to reserve your trip ahead of time to guarantee your place.

      • Transport: Make sure that transportation from and to your hotel is included in the tour package.

      • Entertainment: Most desert safaris include cultural shows as well as an BBQ dinner. Find out the details of your safari package to get the most out of your trip.

      Evening desert safari Dubai Deals


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      Twilight Tranquility: An Evening Desert Safari Adventure in Dubai

      When the sun begins its descent into those vast golden sands that lie in Dubai A thrilling adventure awaits those looking for an unforgettable trip – it’s the Twilight Tranquility Evening Desert Safari Dubai. This unforgettable journey provides an opportunity to be immersed in the peaceful splendor in the Arabian desert while enjoying the warm colors of the late evening hours.

      It’s the Adventure Begins:

      The desert adventure starts with a relaxing pickup from your hotel or at a designated meeting place in Dubai. From there you’ll be transported to the middle in the desert. You’ll leave city’s busy streets to the desert.

      Dune Bashing:

      The best part of your experience starts with a thrilling dune bashing. Experienced drivers will take you on an exciting ride through the ever-shifting dunes as your heart beats in excitement. Keep your eyes on the road as 4×4 vehicles navigate the sand terrain, delivering a thrilling thrill ride.

      Sunset Magic:

      When sunset paints over the skies with an amazing painting of warm colors and warm hues, you’ll be able to capture the scene with breathtaking photos. The peaceful peace of the desert at sunset is truly something to behold. It provides the most serene and inspiring backdrop to your photographs.

      Camel Ride:

      After the thrilling dune slamming it is possible to slow the pace by taking an old-fashioned camel ride. These gentle animals have been desert companions for a long time and riding them gives an unrivalled view over the desert scenery.

      Cultural Contacts:

      The evening will conclude by a trip to a camp in the desert, which will be served Arabic dates and coffee as a token of traditional Arabian hospitality. Get immersed within the traditional culture through paints of henna and wear traditional outfits for a photoshoot which is a true reflection of Arabia.

      The Feast Under the Sky:

      When the night comes it will be time to enjoy delicious buffet meals that include an exquisite spread of Arabic and international food. Enjoy the delicious food while listening to live music and dance shows such as a stunning belly dance performance that will add the authentic flavor to your desert excursion.

      Starry Skies:

      After you’ve indulged in a feast take a seat under the huge space of the star-filled desert sky. The clear desert night is a the opportunity to gaze into the night sky and is the ideal moment to reflect on the day’s experiences or just relax in the serene nature of the night sky.

      Farewell to the Desert:

      With your soul and sensations filled, say goodbye to the desert, and then return to the bustling cities of Dubai. The driver will drop you off at your hotel, or at the designated meeting place leaving you with unforgettable souvenirs of the Twilight Tranquility Evening Desert Safari.

      This captivating desert adventure provides an ideal blend of fun, cultural immersion and natural beauty, guaranteeing a memorable evening in Dubai’s stunning desert. Twilight Tranquility is not just an excursion, it’s an experience that stays in your memory long after the night’s stars have faded to dawn.

      Terms & Conditions

      • Booking cancellation will be accepted before 12pm on same day of your tour.

      • Booking cancel or change will not accept after 12 pm same day of your trip. Because food is order and seats are reserved as per your request

      • Booking cancellation charges will be applicable 100% of your tour if you cancel after 12 pm

      • If you want to cancel your booking before 12 pm your payment will not refund, but you can change the safari date one time only. (This condition is only for those who pay the amount online)

      • Your acknowledgment required for confirmation